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Everyone in Steam Powered Giraffe thanks for taking photos with my brother and I. And signing my cd and my brother’s Adventure Time backpack. And all the hugs and handshakes that we got. c:

I wish I took more photos at both panels and I wish I took photos while waiting in line for both photos. Like for the SPG Heros Photo, my brother and I were first in line and I could have took a photo when David dropped his gun when he was Rex Marksley. Also, I wish I could have talk to them more but I always have a hard time trying to talk to people. Like really, how do you talk to people? I never talked to people or tried to make friends in school mostly because mom told us to never talk to strangers and schoolwork was more important than hanging out with friends.

Other than that, all of them give great hugs, normally I would push people away when I get hugs or someone puts their hand on my shoulder. But I’m glad I didn’t do that this time. Also on Saturday, David remember that I was wearing the Amazon shirt and Sam asked me if I could give them a discount whenever they order on Amazon. That I can’t promise because I don’t know if I can give discount to anyone and I just only get a few cents off with my employee discount

Overall, I had fun at the con. I know next year my brother and I will attend WWWC. Also, I hope someday in the future I’ll see another Steam Powered Giraffe show. c:

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